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Of originality and community.

The Spirit of Mechanical Design

Welcome! You've arrived in a community of people devoted to the art of original mechanical design. And like creating art itself, we only have a few prerequisites:

:bulletblack: Enter with an open and focused mind, always ready to practice and improve.
:bulletblack: Show us your best originality and effort, relative to your own abilities.
:bulletblack: Demonstrate utmost respect, to both yourself and to every member.
:bulletblack: Depart knowing you've learned something new, able to teach others when called upon.

So come on in, pick up your tools, and tell the world what "mecha" really means to you!

Gallery Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in sharing your art with us? Great! We want to present the best that our artists have to offer. So before you contribute, honestly ask yourself the following...

1. Can I justify to myself and others that my design is mechanically-based?
2. Does it strive to be original and non-derivative?
3. Does it focus on the design and not distract from it?
4. Does the overall quality reflect my skill level and effort?
5. Could this submission further the original mecha design community as a whole?
6. Am I willing to accept constructive criticism and help from others?

If you answered "No" to any of those questions, reconsider whether or not you should submit it to this group.

Gallery submission throttling

We're a large group, no doubt! To give everyone a fair chance to showcase their designs, #MechaDesigners implements daily upload limits to certain galleries. They may be raised or lowered as this group changes over time.

:bulletblack: "Featured": 1 per member every 24 hours.
:bulletblack: "Works in Progress": 2 per member every 24 hours.
:bulletblack: "Mecha Photographs": 2 per member every 24 hours.
:bulletblack: "Tutorials and Guides": not limited at this time.
:bulletblack: "Sketches": not limited at this time.
:bulletblack: "Favorites": not limited at this time.

Tip: submit your personal best and favorite work, not necessarily everything you make. This way, we can see your peak abilities, and perhaps help you improve further!

Explicitly disallowed submissions

As much as blacklisting certain designs hurts innovation, there are a few types that are not permitted in #MechaDesigners. Such works will be removed if proven and reported to us. Please inform us if this seems unfair!

:bulletred: Anything that violates deviantART's policies, including stolen art.
:bulletred: Mecha musume: males and females in armor as a fetish instead of protection.
:bulletred: Mainstream "consumer" mecha: this is very subjective, but here's an example: a redesigned iPod wouldn't seem as radical as a body implant for streaming audio, right? Nor would an electronic pop-up toaster be as cool as a giant laser bread-browner? Make your creation stand out from reality in some way!
:bulletred: Handheld weaponry, independent of other mecha designs: see our official affiliate #WeaponDesigners if you wish to share such works. Don't worry, they won't bite! :)

Last updated: March 20, 2011 @ 12:00 AM (GMT -5)
A brief heads-up: if you missed the previous Arsenal card game mecha design contest hosted by shanenopolis, here's a second chance to place your shot. Unlike the first round, Shane wants to see your B&W concept sketching skills at their finest, as opposed to your coloring and detailing abilities.

The event is currently ongoing and ends February 21st, 2014. Nine prizes of $40 each will be awarded to the winners, encompassing nine categories of hulking war machines. Ready to give it a try? Jump to the rules below, and be sure to view the entries as well!

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RichManAnchor Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  New member
Hey buddy! I'm new here, and I came here to ask you a favor! I'm on a mission given by the creator of a StarCraft 2 Arcade mod called Iron Fire, where, to put it bluntly, you get in a mech and BLOW SHIT UP. The game's creator needs me to find someone with the following characteristics: Loves mechs, has lots of time on their hands to get a solid splashscreen art done, and is willing to do it for free. Yes, unfortunately, he is not willing to pay you if you are interested. He is far too busy attempting to raise money for the game on Kickstarter (check out the page here:…). He has big things planned and needs all the help he can get. Let me know if you need me to elaborate on anything or if you are interested. BTW, great job here!
RichManAnchor Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  New member… Here's the actual link, my bad.
RichManAnchor Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  New member
Another thing I should mention: if his Kick starter succeeds, he WILL pay you.
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